Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning

We plan unforgettable events. 

At AM Planning, we help associations confidently engage with members in a meaningful way.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning


Members are Counting on You to...

Deliver real value.

Planning needs have changed, but many association events have not. From simple meetings to multi-day conventions, we believe events should consistently deliver tangible value for members.

Create an outstanding experience.

Your last event ran smoothly. Congrats! But how do your members feel when the sessions come to a close? When they leave energized... when they're motivated.. when they're spreading the word... it was time well spent.

Attract sponsors who invest in your members. 

Well-organized events draw sponsors who are willing to invest in your organization and your members. Investments are made where ROI is obvious. Excellence attracts excellence.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning

If you're like many of our clients, you're struggling with one or more of these...

You're juggling multiple priorities

Every association executive we know wears multiple hats. And it's hard to excel in event planning when you're managing competing priorities.

Your team is stretched thin

Even if you have an event planner on staff, odds are, they're juggling, too. Extra support can mean the difference between success and burnout.

Time is not your friend 

The clock is ticking and the stress levels are rising. If you're four months out and feeling behind, it's time to call for backup.

Your budget is tight 

Even if you don't need full-service support, a fresh pair of eyes and affordable consulting can change the way your team and your members feel about your events. 

We know how time-consuming it can be to plan and host a meaningful event for your members. 

That's why we've created a proven event framework that's been helping association leaders tackle event planning challenges for more than 15 years.

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Together, we'll define what success means to you and your members and make a recommendation based on your budget and goals. 

Create a Customized Event Plan

Whether you're using our Planners on Call expertise as you organize and host your own event, or we're doing the heavy lifting for you, our proven framework will offer manageable action steps. 

Host an Unforgettable Event

Now you can confidently host a memorable event that delivers value, engages members, and motivates them as they grow in their careers. Your members will be raving about your organization.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning

Host events with lasting impact

We know association leaders like you want to host events that offer professional impact for members. And doing that takes a proven planning process. The problem for many of our clients is that planning an event is just one small part of their everyday responsibilities. It can be overwhelming. 

Members are counting on you to deliver events that help them grow in their careers, and we believe you deserve to feel confident your event will deliver. 

We understand what an enormous amount of time it takes to plan and manage the details of an event that truly engages and inspires members. That's why we've created a reliable planning framework. We've used it to help associations build relationships with more than 185,000 attendees over the past 15 years. 

Schedule a call now. We guarantee we can help you create an event that will pay dividends in lasting relationships with members.

Until then, download our article, 7 Common Mistakes in Event Planning & What to Do About It, so you can avoid costly event-planning mistakes. Now, you can stop worrying about how to create a memorable experience for members, and instead host an event that turns your members into super fans. 

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning
Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning