Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning

Well-planned Association Events Help Recruit & Retain Members

"I'm here for one reason," says Abby Mund, CEO of AM Planning. "And that's to help associations create an attendee experience that builds relationships and helps organizations grow." 

She always respects her clients' privacy, so she hasn't shared names, but here's a story:

I got a call because one organization's event planning team was at a stalemate. Each member was waiting for the others to make the next move. 

I restructured their planning process and created multiple task forces designed to spread the workload, empower decision-making, and take advantage of the strength of each team member. 

Collaboration and decision-making improved, as did the quality of their annual event. 

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning
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We'll lighten the load with our streamlined planning process. Time is your most valuable asset. We'll help you maximize your staff resources and create a timeline that works for your team. 

We'll map out the attendee journey to ensure your event delivers the experience your members deserve. Sometimes, we'll ask hard questions, but it's all about helping you evaluate how to best serve your members.

We'll keep you focused on your mission. As event planners, our job is to manage the logistics and details so you can focus on what matters most- your mission. 

Meet AM Planning's Abby Mund


         Abby Mund, CEO

Abby and her staff focus on each association's mission and the member experience.

"I love event planning because events directly impact the members' lives," she says, "I want people to discover new possibilities, consider new perspectives, refine their skills, connect with their peers and share ideas. 

As an event planner, she gets to see, first-hand, the look on members' faces when that change occurs, when the light bulb turns on, "it's that moment of impact- it's what I live for" 

Her job is complex, managing details, proposing new ideas, building relationships, and developing processes. "Most of all, I construct attendee journeys and remove barriers for my clients behind the scenes," she says, "And it's all for that moment that experience of positive growth for their members, their customers, their people."

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Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Event Planning

Case Study: Re-imagining Online Professional Development Events

"Jim" was a new executive director whose association, like so many others, depends on conference registrations to meet their revenue goals.

When he scheduled a call, he was looking for a way to better serve his members by updating the way his organization delivered professional development. 

Together we built a library of courses and resources that re-energized members with an online learning experience. They were excited about the quality of the content and the easy access to information. Even better, their membership is growing.

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7 Common Mistakes in Event Planning

& What to Do About It!


As event-planning professionals, we want to share 7 of the most common mistakes we've seen organizations make. We're also sharing valuable tips to ensure you avoid these in the future and plan a successful event!