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Transition to Online Events

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Are you taking the leap from an in-person event to an online conference? AM Planning can help you navigate the move swiftly while staying aligned with your strategic goals and serving your members. We will help you identify the best online components for your event, show you how to maximize stakeholder relations, give you tools to organize your team, and share our recommendations based on our experiences. 

Zoom Facilitation

Booked through December 2020



Want an extra set of hands for your Zoom Sessions? We facilitate Zoom Meetings from start to finish and will even run presenter checks and rehearsals to make sure your meeting runs smoothly.

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Site Selection

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Finding the right venue to fit your event’s desired outcomes includes determining your needs, preparing a request for proposal, making connections with venues, and evaluating available space for each component of your event. AM Planning will collect and compare all the proposals and data and deliver a concise report that empowers you to make an informed decision.

Full Service

Booked through August 2021




AM Planning can manage all facets of the meeting planning timeline from site selection to post-convention reporting and everything in between. Housing, transportation, catering, security recommendations, parking, audio visual, internet, exhibits, and registration are all included in our full-service offering. We can tailor our services for your specific needs.

Meeting Room Logistics

Booked through August 2021




You have specific goals for each of your unique events. AM Planning can handle the details to create an optimal attendee experience - from designing cost effective room sets to maximizing your food and beverage spend, and from securing audio visual equipment and needed internet services to creating a comprehensive signage plan. AM Planning will develop and deliver all necessary plans for your on-site facilitation.


Booked through February 2021




Nearly every convention, conference, or meeting includes meal functions. AM Planning specializes in creating specialized menus at price points that work for you. We can help you determine the meals you would like to provide and how to maximize your food and beverage dollar. We have experience planning and executing more than 100 meal functions in a single week, and we can craft the right menu to best serve your event.

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Planners On Call is a one-of-a-kind service designed to give you meeting planning expertise the way you need it. You can use your call each month as a regular planning meeting or to solve an urgent need. Planners On Call Clients also receive our best planning tools in their very own downloadable toolkit.




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Monitoring and reporting the number of hotel room nights used is instrumental in earning and collecting the financial incentives negotiated for your event. Delivering accurate reservation information to hotels is critical for your attendees’ satisfaction. We will guide you in selecting the best housing management process for your event, allowing you to track your total room night usage and manage your priority housing block to ensure you reap the benefit of your hotel contract concessions.

Registration Management and Credentialing

Booked through February 2021



Proper credentialing and effective registration are the first line of safety preparations in the meetings industry in 2020. This aspect of your event is also a key marketing opportunity. AM Planning can create a registration and credentialing plan that allows you to collect needed information from both attendees and guests and appropriately control access to events. AM Planning can guide you in evaluating and selecting the best registration service for your event.

Exhibit Hall Management

Booked through February 2021



Exhibit shows are a major source of funding for conventions. AM Planning can assist you in any and all facets of your exhibit show: preparing marketing and communication materials for exhibitors, creating a pricing structure, developing policies, coordinating the exhibit booth reservation process, communicating key details with exhibitors, and managing the exhibit show on-site. 

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